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About Us

Bates Mastering was founded by recording artist, mix & mastering engineer Beard Bates. Forever a fan of mastering engineers that have a particular analog warmth and signature to their sound, Bates partnered with mastering engineer James Fergus-Jean of Attack Mode LLC and so evolved Bates Mastering, a professional mastering studio that offers some of the most advanced digital and analog equipment in the world.

Whether a major label or independent release, we make it our priority to focus on your music and make your project sound the best it can be. We are interested in making your project a success and we spend the extra time needed to make that happen.


Manley: Massive Passive Mastering Edition, Vari-Mu Mastering Edition with HPF option.

Crane Song: Modified STC-8m, Avocet for monitoring

Benchmark: DAC1

Avid: Studio A is based around AVID HD3 Accel platform with 192 i/o

Antelope: Isochrome OCX clock

Adams: Accurate monitoring via S3A’s and the Sub10

Altec: 1567a modified for stereo processing

Sonnox: EQ w/GML emulation, Dynamics, Inflator, Trans Mod, Reverb, Limiter

TC Electronics: Md3, Brickwall Limiter

Flux: Alchemist and Dynamics processor collection

Waves: Mercury Bundle